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Within each discipline, TBN provides clients with a high degree of competence, supported by in-depth experience. A common factor in our client base is the requirement to provide and implement robust asset management strategies that are considered as an economic and efficient use of resources. Our clients value our ability to offer a flexible and responsive service providing either direct management participation or support as committed team players.


We provide our clients with expertise in the following areas:

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Our team has extensive experience in both urban and rural water supplies providing services in feasibility studies and design of trunk mains, pumping stations, service reservoirs and distribution systems.


We combine our in-depth appreciation of pipeline hydraulics and the effects this has on capital, operating and maintenance costs to provide robust and optimum solutions for a range of viable engineering options. We recognise that water supply projects are subject to political and environmental constraints and in all cases we aim to deliver a balanced solution to our clients and the population served.


We have been involved in bulk treated and raw water transfer schemes. Such schemes have been evaluated considering capital and operating costs, benefits, environmental constraints as well as operational, regional and political factors.


Water supply projects undertaken vary widely and include:
• studies, designs and construction supervision
• support to multi-disciplinary water sector projects with a typical emphasis on environmental improvements
• operational studies
• investment planning
• training and technological transfer
• project management
• post-project technical audits
• research, environmental and impact assessments, base-line studies


Water supply to cities, towns and rural communities are generally abstracted from groundwater and surface water sources such as rivers and lakes. Such raw water sources have varying levels of quality and are subject to treatment in order to meet stringent drinking water quality standards. Water supply to some large industries, sensitive customers or smaller communities however may be best derived from groundwater sources that are generally subject to reduced level of treatment such as marginal disinfection.


The key areas of our water treatment expertise are:
• Conventional, advanced and low cost water treatment
• Procurement procedures and Project Management
• Mathematical modelling of processes for hydraulic and control purposes
As a company, we are well aware of the consequences of low rainfall and drought, and are therefore dedicated to utilising our expertise to develop sound water resources and management strategies for our clients.

[/section][section title=”Planning and Economics” icon=”icon-icon1″ id=”sec-2″]

Our work in this area includes the economic assessment of various options for our clients leading to the appropriate timing and phasing of development projects and step change enhancements.


In this field we provide services to different sectors of the economy. We work with governmental agencies and departments to provide an affordable business plan which addresses the specific needs of the population. Our experiences include Transportation, Water Supply and Sanitation.

[/section][section title=”Project Management” icon=”icon-icon1″ id=”sec-3″]

TBN provides expertise to support the scoping and securing of funding key projects to the delivery and training of in-house staff. Our expertise include process consultants who work closely with clients to build the processes that are required to effectively deliver asset, programme and project management throughout the business. They are all trained in rigorous methodology that ensures that the adopted processes are efficient, workable and consistently applied.


We also provide risk and reliability consultants who have experience in both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Assisting clients to identify and develop risk and reliability mitigation plans from the onset.


Our Project Management services can be provided either as a standalone service or as part of a design and management service. For the standalone service we will be responsible throughout all phases of the delivery of a particular project, portfolio or programme.

[/section][section title=”Civil Engineering – Bridges and Structures” icon=”icon-icon1″ id=”sec-4″]

Our expertise includes development of repair strategy for bridges and other structures (e.g. culverts, channels, retaining walls, manholes etc.), conducting inspections and recommending repair options, preparing contract documentation, procuring contractors and overseeing supervision of construction.


We are quality driven and work towards ensuring that construction is carried out in accordance with the contract specifications and respond to technical queries raised by the contractor. The quality of materials and workmanship is closely monitored ensuring that any non-conformances identified are rectified. We Investigate work in progress at random to establish the cause of any variations from estimates that may arise and effect financial control.


Our commitment to health and safety is paramount, we review contractor’s method statements to ensure the industry health and safety requirements are being applied for the sake of operatives as well as members of the public. Conduct quality audit of contractor records to ensure that quality plan is being followed. Update the client at regular progress meetings keeping them informed of developments.

[/section][section title=”Highway and Transportation” icon=”icon-icon1″ id=”sec-5″]

Our experience and commitment to the total quality concept ensures efficient programming and supervision of major highway works including; carriageway re-surfacing, re-construction and surface dressings. Our dedicated team will oversee the quality of construction and ensure compliance with specifications, conducting material tests and monitoring performance.


We have many years of experience in identifying, planning and implementing parking schemes on highways, analysing extensive parking surveys and data used during the design of parking schemes. Analysing accident statistics and speed survey data to design traffic calming measures and cycle routes in key areas.

[/section][section title=”Railway Engineering” icon=”icon-icon1″ id=”sec-6″]

TBN recognises the long-term planning and the high level of investment required for the delivery and management of railway transportation. The services we provide in this sector include the development of business cases, design of implementation programmes and the management of delivery projects and programmes. In addition we have been involved in developing long term business plans to ensure that the railway infrastructure is maintained, renewed and enhanced at a level that will be economically sustainable annually over a longer horizon.


We also provide management of railway maintenance contracts and undertake inspection of railway assets.


Our services include:
• Strategic and Business Planning
• Business Case Analysis
• Evaluation of Funding Sources
• Value engineering analysis
• Safety, risk and reliability analysis
• Feasibility studies and conceptual design
• Performance and technology evaluation
• Project Management
• Maintenance Contract Management
• Asset Monitoring and Inspection Regime Assessments

[/section][section title=”Asset Management” icon=”icon-icon1″ id=”sec-7″]

TBN is involved in various aspects of Infrastructure Asset Management, these include:
Asset Management specialists who regularly advise and influence the direction of our clients. These are people who not only understand the clients needs, but have developed and implemented asset management strategies and subsequently transferred this knowledge to others in our client base.


Data specialists who have a detailed understanding of the data that is required to manage assets on a life cycle basis. This includes asset register data, operational data and condition monitoring data, to a level of detail that ensures that asset degradation profiles can be created in support of capital replacement programmes linked to asset performance output.


Our organization has a proven reputation and a vast amount of experience in developing, maintaining and extending structures records. Encapsulating and updating in hard copy and/or electronic format the following information on assets;
· Inspection data
· Assessment documents
· Drawings
· Photographs
· Maintenance data
· Technical Approvals/Approval In Principle documents
· Monitoring data
An archive of information can be developed and updated as necessary.


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