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TBN Engineering and Project Management Consultancy Limited is a UK based firm of engineers, planners, project managers and business consultants providing a diverse range of professional services to clients in the UK, Europe and Africa. Our principal focus is on delivering practical solutions, hence ensuring that the identified business benefits are realised in a consistent and timely manner. A particular competence in this respect is our ability to convert theoretical asset and programme management strategies into practical solutions for all levels of management and staff. We believe strongly in effective transfer of technology – helping clients to achieve self-sustaining success and true ownership of the process and solutions.





  • Water and Sanitation

    Our team has extensive experience in both urban and rural water supplies providing services in feasibility studies and design of trunk mains, pumping stations, service reservoirs and distribution systems.
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  • Planning and Economics

    Our work in this area includes the economic assessment of various options for our clients leading to the appropriate timing and phasing of development projects and step change enhancements. Client / investor support providing technical and financial assessments including risk analysis and mitigation.
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  • Project Management

    TBN provides expertise to support the scoping and securing of funding for key projects to the delivery and training of in-house staff.
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  • Civil Engineering - Bridges and Structures

    Our expertise includes development of repair strategy for bridges and other structures conducting inspections and recommending repair options…
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  • Highway and Transportation

    Our experience and commitment to the total quality concept ensures efficient programming and supervision of major highway works including; carriageway re-surfacing, re-construction and surface dressings.
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  • Railway Engineering

    The services we provide in this sector include the development of business cases, design of implementation programmes and the management of delivery projects and programmes.
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  • Asset Management/Facilities

    Our organization has a proven reputation and a vast amount of experience in developing, maintaining and extending structures records.
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  • Climate Change and carbon management

    TBN management have specialists in this field with a vast amount of experience. Why not find out what we can do for you in this area.



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